Virtual Events

What is a Virtual Event

Virtual events, in their simplest definition, are events held online. Virtual events are events that are completely hosted and run online with the potential for attendees to view or participate from anywhere in the world. Virtual events typically consist of an agenda with single or multiple-track presentation sessions and/or collaborative sessions. These sessions are all streamed online.

Event Flexibility

Have you considered the flexibility in not having your event grounded to one singular physical venue? What if it was possible to have a fully branded, multi-use event space that is accessible 365 days a year, at any time, from any location worldwide? With virtual events, this is the reality. Because virtual events take place online, you have a lot of flexibility in how you broadcast your event. Whether you’re hosting an ash scattering ceremony or virtual headstone event, you can choose to make the sessions interactive, offer different language options, invite guest speakers, and more. Providing you with the ultimate event flexibility, not only as the event host but also for your attendees.

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