How It Works


1. Unaccompanied Scattering Service

One of our trained professionals takes your loved one’s ashes to a place of your choosing to scatter. This service includes:

Stamped and addressed custom box to securely mail your loved one’s ashes to the location of your choice

Eco-friendly scattering urn

Permits and approvals 

Photos and video of the scattering event

Official permanent recording of the scattering, including the exact GPS coordinates and a date and time stamp (stored on our secure servers)

Framed Certificate of Scattering

Online memorial on the Virtual Memorial 

Date of your choosing (optional)


2. Accompanied Scattering Service

Our Premium Accompanied Ash Scattering Service includes everything that is listed above and provided with the Unaccompanied Ash Scattering Service with the following additions: 

Coordinate and accompany family and friends to the scattering location

Personalized ceremony that includes the scattering of a loved one’s ashes

Prayer, eulogy, song, etc.

A ceremony guide

Boating service (for scattering at sea)

Additional video options available


Destination Scattering Service

Our destination ash scattering package is conducted anywhere in the world!! The ash scattering is done wherever, whenever, and however it is possible. We accommodate any personal wishes to ensure that the experience is dignified and memorable. This option is for those looking for a unique experience which will create an eternal personal legacy for a loved one. Have a special location in mind? Reach out to us today!