Desert Ash Scattering

Desert Ash Scattering Service

A unique and special way to say goodbye… in the desert.

For over 5 years, has created lasting memories for families in one of the most incredible areas of the world — the silent desert — a scattering in the desert of the ashes are held at which family and friends attend in a virtual event. Whether you’re looking for a small get together or larger gathering of family and friends from around the world, our team provides you with an unforgettable event everyone can attend and remember in perpetuity with a live recording of the event and a virtual headstone marking the ash scattering and engraving its location and date forever in our memories.


Unaccompanied Scattering Service

One of our trained professionals takes your loved one’s ashes to a place of your choosing to scatter. This service includes:

Stamped and addressed custom box to securely mail your loved one’s ashes to the location of your choice

Eco-friendly scattering urn

Permits and approvals 

Photos and video of the scattering event

Official permanent recording of the scattering, including the exact GPS coordinates and a date and time stamp (stored on our secure servers)

Framed Certificate of Scattering

Online memorial on the Virtual Memorial 

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